Instrument Care

To make sure your instrument last long I recommend you to follow this guideline:

  •  If possible, keep your instrument out of direct contact with the sun. This does not mean that you can not play outside. However, when exposed for a while to direct sunlight, the steel can get very hot and the tensions on the metal can change (even permanently until it is tuned by a professional tuner). Anyways it is not comfortable to play on an extremely hot handpan.

  • Handpans are made to be played with bare hands. The tonefields are tuned and tempered to achieve the best possible stability out the material. Anyways, as any music instrument it has to be played with care. If they are hit with extreme force, even with the fingers they can be detuned, therefore, never use anything other than your hands to play them.

  • A fall can detune your handpan or even make it irreparable. In case of damage, you can contact me and send a video to assess if it is possible to repair it and the amount of work to do so.

Rust prevention

Handpans are made of steel. Although they have a treatment that protects them (nitriding), they can eventually rust if they are not maintained properly.

  • We recommend to apply, at least once a month, 6 drops of phoenix oil on each side of the handpan and spread with a microfiber cloth to cover the entire surface (including the edges). In case of not getting Phoenix Oil, you can use Coconut Oil or "Ballistol" applying in the aforementioned manner.
  • Avoid storing it inside the protective case for a long time as it may accumulate moisture.

  • Store it in a dry and airy place without direct sunlight.

  • In case of environmental humidity, there are small bags to absorb moisture ("Moisture eaters") that can be placed inside the protective case or on top of the handpan.
  • Sea salt is aggressive to metal. If you play the instrument near the sea, clean it with a microfiber cloth and cover it with protective oil.
  • Depending on the person, sweat can also be aggressive, but if it is maintained regularly there shouldn’t be any problem. If you plan to store it for a long period of time, before doing so, clean the fingerprints with a microfiber cloth and cover with protective oil.


For the best care of the Handpan, the instrument needs to be cleaned every 1-2 months (depending on the use of it) and everytime it's exposed to a place near the sea. To clean it, wipe it with alcohol and a paper towel and protect it with a thin layer of coconut oil.

Do not use water nor any aggressive chemicals / materials.

You can also spread coconut oil every two weeks or so.


All handpans get out of tune over time (as other instruments do, such as the piano or stringed instruments). Our instruments include all tunings free of charge (excluding shipping costs). The warranty do not include accidents or misuse and it's a maximum of one tuning per year.

Keep in mind that playing the instrument too hard will cause it to get out of tune faster than if it is played softly.