D Hijaz 13 E


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Notes: D3 / A3, C4, D4, Eb4, F#4, G4, A4, C5, D5 F#5, G5, A5

Scale: Exotic (Harmonic Minor)      

Level: Intermediate      

Popularity: Popular

Material: Ember Steel

The Romanian Hijaz is a version of the full Harmonic Minor scale (with the 7th degree raised) associated with Arabic melodies and Flamenco harmonies. With 4 extra notes, for more melodic and harmonic possibilities.

Generous option to increase the difficulty of playing, opening the doors of imagination to create new melodies. You’ll also have the possibility to enrich the harmony by being able to play the 7 chords of the scale.

  • Inside Diameter: 53 cm     Hight: 28 cm
  • Frequency: 440 Hz                Weight: 4-5 kg
  • Top: 1 ding / 12 dimples