F#2 Pygmy 16 E


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Notes: F#2/ (C#3/) (D3/) (E3/) F#3 G#3 A3 (B3) C#4 (D4) E4 F#4 G#4 A4 (B4) (C#5)

Scale: Pentatonic minor      Level: Advanced     Popularity: Outstanding

Material: Ember Steel

It's the much longer version of the popular F Pygmy, a half tone higher and with more notes of the scale.

It's very deep and has very long sustain. Recommended for meditative, slow and sensitive playing.

Ambicious option to level up the difficulty of playing because it provides many posibilities.

  • Inside Diameter: 53 cm     Hight: 28 cm
  • Frequency: 440 Hz                Weight: 4-5 kg
  • Top: 1 ding / 8 dimples      Bottom: 3 dings/ 4 dimples