How long does it take to have an instrument made?
If an instrument is not on stock, you should contact us to know how long the waiting list is at the moment. It normally takes from 1 to 3 months.

What are Numen made from?
The Numen Handpans are either made from Nitrated Carbon steel or Stainless Steel deep-drawn sheets.

Can I have a scale made that isn’t offered on your sound models menu?
Yes, check this page for custom ordering

Will you make pans with more notes on the top or bottom?
Yes, check this page for custom ordering

Do you tune to 440hz?
Yes I normally tune to 440hz, but I can also tune to 432hz or any other frequency you may want

Are there any notes you don’t make?
At the moment I'm not making Bb4 because of interference with the size of my instruments

Where are you located if I want to come pick my instrument up?
Barcelona, Spain

Do all instruments look the same?
My instruments are handmade and most of the process is artisanal so every instrument is unique and might have some variations in color due to heat treatment but nothing to be worried about.

Does the instrument come with a case?
No it doesn't come with a hardcase included 

Can the Numen be safely shipped?
Yes, I sent over 60 instruments and almost didn't have any issue. Also the price include an insurance, so in case the Handpan is damage for the shipment we'll arrange it without extra costs.

Can my Numen be repaired if it gets damaged?
It depends on the damage. We will need a description of the damage and most likely a video of the instrument, to hear and see the damage before an assessment can be made.

Do you offer a retuning service for Numen?
We focus in achieving the best quality and stability of our handpans, as well as giving our costumers the best service we can. For that reason we give a Lifetime Warranty for retuning your Handpan. Shipping and handling costs will be charged from the customer.

Do you offer a retuning service for other tuned steel instruments/Handpans/Pantams?
Yes, contact us here

Do you recommend any care and maintenance procedures for the Numen?
Yes, please check this page

Can i pick up my Numen Handpan directly from the workshop in Spain?
Yes, personal pickups are possible

What size / thickness are the Numen Handpans?
The Numen are 53 cm in diameter. It 1mm thikness